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Dear Friends,
In 2006, Gary and I founded Red Dog Farm Animal Rescue Network so that ALL types of animals could have a safe place to stay while awaiting a forever family. That vision has been the driving force behind everything we do, from forming the rescue network to expanding the number of species served to acquiring a permanent farm facility in 2019. In order to maximize the effectiveness of the foster network, we knew that the organization needed a permanent “home” and intake facility. In 2019, we moved our headquarters from our leased office space at Bur-Mil Park to the new farm facility in Stokesdale. The farm sits on 21 acres and we have converted the house into office space. It allows our staff to have a space available at a moment’s notice when they
receive a call about an animal in need, regardless of species. It also allows for more opportunities for volunteers to share in the daily work of the organization.

Buying the farm was a leap of faith, but we felt that it was necessary to enable the organization to grow and fulfill its mission. We have begun the process of upgrading the existing barn and fencing but there is so much left to do. If you have not yet seen the new farm, please do consider a visit. It has become a central hub of volunteer and staff activity and you never know what animals you may meet there on any given day. If you are able to contribute any amount to help us continue to maximize the possibilities for helping more and more animals at the farm, we’d really appreciate it. Thank you!

– Garland Graham


With your support, we can help many more animals in need.
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more than


species have been adopted

Red Dog Farm provides all animals with a safe, loving refuge before they find a forever home.


Animals come first

Red Dog Farm does more than rescue and care for the animals we take on — we rehabilitate them and help them find a forever home.

Carefully selected foster homes

With the aid of 75 to 80 foster homes, our pets receive excellent care as they await their forever homes.

individualized care

All Red Dog Farm rescues are treated with individualized care and attention, including basic medical work such as vaccines, spaying or neutering, and various medical treatments.

Help us build a farm and a future

Pet Adoption Greensboro

In the first year, 150 animals called the farm home temporarily.

Our hearts are big but our need continues to grow.

Red Dog Farm Capital Improvements

Physical Upgrades & Needs:

• Run-in sheds
• Barn space and modification
• Riding area
• Exotics quarantine space
• Farm acquisition

IMPACT: More housing space to hold more animals in need

Red Dog Farm Program Improvements

Program Needs:

• Training budget for horses & dogs
• Full time program managers
• Marketing director
• Education program

IMPACT: Allows for faster response time to assist animals in need

Red Dog Farm Equipment and Technology Improvements

Equipment & Technology Needs:

• Farm equipment
• Monitor and security system
• Water and electrical lines
• Software upgrades
• Dedicated farm truck
• Gator

IMPACT: Continue to provide superior rescue care and maintain response flexibility

Red Dog Farm Medical Assistance Fund

Medical Assistance Fund:

• Upgraded space for harder medical cases
• Funding to cover basic medical needs
• Funding to cover advanced medical work
• Funding for emergency supplies
• Funding to maintain quarantine space

IMPACT: Increased response to emergency animal situations where others may not be able to help

$1.5 Million campaign goal

Pet Adoption Greensboro

Endowment and Annual Fund opportunities are available for sponsoring.

See our press release about launching our public phase, here.